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I am going away Sunday to Friday. I won’t be on the computer on Friday. So, see you all soon! No one will update this site, or my other sites except for PBK : A CP Fansite. That one is also Penguinator’s. Sorry for any inconvenience.

– Blubber K 😀

Side Notes:
My sites are, (Not up yet!)

I am starting a new WordPress with Penguinator!  It’s not ready so I can’t give you a link.  But check back soon!

Here it is!!

My Pages are out of alphabetical order at the top. Does anyone know how to put them in alphabetical order? I searched help pages but the How to Sort Pages did not work. Well, if anyone can help, feel free to do so!! Thanks.
I found out how to fix them!
  -Blubber K 😀              

Welcome to Blubber K’s Pixel Penguins! On this site I have pixel penguins that you can order!  They are free and I made them myself!  No, I didn’t download the Pixels Penguins thing.  I drew these on paint.  Hope you like them! For stuff about Club Penguin go to!  My other site!

-Blubber K 😀

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